Theatre in unusual spaces

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Aylesbury shows

Oleanna by David Mamet

Arts Council England and Aylesbury Arts Council funded, this 2014 professional production played over 7 nights in the unique chapel space at The Quakers Meeting House. 

"It looked and felt for all the world like a privileged academics personal office, and Oleanna is set entirely in John, the professor's office," said the Director and Producer Madeleine Vose, "So with the audience sat in the round, they were intruding on this private and increasingly unpredictable encounter between lecturer and student."

Love Story - The Kingsbury

A professionally devised production based on first love stories from the customers of Aylesbury's most notorious pub. The production played over Valentine's weekend 2015.The Kingsbury, then known, was busy and noisy with clientele that loved sport, food, drink and not theatre, in that order! This unique audience required 1 very important thing: theatre that would not interrupt their pub. 4 20-minute performance slots was our solution spread across the day. The popularity with customers was overwhelming. And evaluations suitably colourful.

"That was f*****g brilliant!"  
Audience member who was dragged to see Love Story against his will. 

Theatre Upstairs at the Globe

Exeter 2005 - 2009

Openscript founder Madeleine Vetier set up Devon's only pub theatre when she lived in the county of coasts and rolling hills. The performance platform in The Globe, Clifton Road rapidly evolved to showcase new writing and risk-taking work from dynamic theatre makers across the South West. Over 30 events were produced showcasing the work of 150 new writers, emerging actors, designers and directors.Stand out shows included The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, The Brothers by Paul O'Neill, Show Me Goodbye by Hannah Ashwell, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Office by Publick Transport. Thanks to funding from Arts Council England Theatre Upstairs became an established part of the vibrant theatre community of Exeter and Devon.

Theatre for those who can't get out...

From 2011 Madeleine was back in Oxfordshire as Head of Learning at Oxford Playhouse. Openscript projects continued development in non-theatre spaces, focussing on educational and participation with script-reading for older people in residential care, particularly those with dementia. A 12 week literacy through theatre course at Aylesbury Young Offenders Institute followed and was successfully funded with a joint bid with Friends of Aylesbury Prison. 

"I was just glad that I stayed to the end, that I didn't drop out earlier. That I finished something and it was good."

Participant, Literacy through Theatre

Theatre for life

From 2008 to 2015, Openscript developed a range of training programmes for professionals who need to have difficult conversations. Personnel management with The Met Office, vulnerable families for Bristol Children Safeguarding Board and non-compliance in complex healthcare with Bristol Medical School. Using highly skilled and bold actors to authentically represent unpredictable conversations. No awkward role play allowed here!

Alongside this, Company Director Madeleine spent 9 years delivering Theatre Making: Creative skills for life as part of Exeter Medical School's Humanities and Arts programme. Fourth year medical students devised and performed an original piece each year at the creative conference.