Young Actors Club

Fun, safe and social theatre events for kids!!

Young Actors Club - Autumn 2021

We're looking forward to more brilliant creativity from children as they create and perform a play IN ONE DAY! That's right. And to make it extra special, we're working with 2 professional artists to give your child the most memorable experience possible! All workshops are £20 for the day. 
Multiple bookings (e.g. 1 child x 2 workshops or 3 children for 1 workshop) get a 10% discount.
Book now by emailing
or call Director Madeleine Vetier for more information 07930 206917

Stage Combat Play-in-a-Day

23rd October – Waddesdon Community Centre

10am to 5pm

Kids love play-fighting and today they learn the craft of creating safe and authentic fight moves on stage. Professional stage combat company are joining us to teach your child an exciting fight sequence to build into the Play-in-a-Day adaptation of The Three Musketeers.

Come along at 4.30pm to see your child's brand new play!

Magic Circle Play-in-a-Day

20th November – Quainton Memorial Hall

10am to 5pm

Professional magician Jamie Docherty of will be teaching your child sleight of hand and tricks to amaze family and friends! Inspired by their newly learnt talents, the young actors will build a brand new play to perform to mums, dads, brothers and sisters at the end of the day. (That's magician Jamie Docherty in the big pink balloon. We hope he'll magic himself out in time to get to us!) Don't forget to arrive at 4.30pm to enjoy your child's performance!

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Play-in-a-Day Pantomime

20th December – Waddesdon Community Centre

What would Christmas be without a good old pantomime? In just one day, your child will skilfully adapt Aladdin with all the fun and big characters from the traditional tale. Why not bring everyone along at 4.30pm for mince pies and pantomime? This Play-in-a-Day is the perfect start to your family Christmas!

Check out our first term...

Here are our Young Actors from term 1: summer 2021. We explored characters, creating a story from scratch and improvisation skills. Enjoy a wonderfully energetic group of kids at their creative best!